Cuck and Revenge Fuck

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967 5.0
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Sydney is dying to have one last revenge sex with her ex-BF, even though he has a new GF. So Sydney pretends to sell girlscout cookies and goes over to their house. The new girl answered the door and the moment she looked back to get money for the cookies, Sydney instantly poisons her and her ex-BF. She then ties them both up and in the living room to get a full on view of the situation, rendering both helpless. Sydney will have her revenge sex. Sydney teases her ex by playing with the new girl, which then started to turn him on. "I knew you like that, you kinky fuck! I can't believe you replaced me for this bitch!", she exclaims. Sydney situates the new girl to make sure she sees the whole revenge ordeal. Sydney pulls off his pants and starts to tease him before she gets naked. Finally, she takes off all her clothes and humiliates the new girl. "Are you watching this? I'm about to fuck your stupid boyfriend!" Sydney grabs his dick, puts it inside her, and starts to grind and ride him. Suddenly, she hears moaning from the new girl and checks her pussy. "OMG! She's sooo wet! I didn't know she's a cuck! Oh, this is getting too good!" she explains. Sydney continues to fuck her ex and humiliate his new girl while doing so. After pleasuring herself and getting what she wants, Sydney leaves without untying both. The new girl struggles to get out of her ropes.