Sightseeing In My Hometown

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Alyssa Reece

Canadian / Vancouver
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novosadjanin Apr 22 2017

Would love to see you in my hometown this summer

LPTA MM19841984 Feb 29 2016
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My girl friend and i really liked this video, It was awesome for Alyssa to share this video. My girl and I are very big fans of her this was excellent.
My girl and I are having our anniversary coming soon,so I may just go ahead and take her to go visit novi sad for A few weeks everything looked nice, The atmosphere etc. I really liked the buildings everything looks like A castle I liked the city hall the church and the theater it was really big. Thanks Alyssa!! :)

Pingguy2938 - Top reviewer Feb 23 2016
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DO NOT MISS THIS DOWNLOAD, This is a excellent video by Alyssa talking about her home town, It will be a history lesson for you, and open your eyes a bit This is a great film, I am really thinking of going to her hometown, to see the history and beauty of this town, And of course it turned out the beautiful lovely Alyssa Reece,

drowninggirl Feb 24 2016
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I love this video. Alyssa obviously loves where she comes from (Novi Sad, Serbia) and is very proud to show it off to her fans. Visiting family is very special to her and to share a bit with of the city with her fans is a great treat. It's amazing she moved to Vancouver not knowing a word of English and now has no accent (she doesn't even say aboot or 'eh? - bad Canadian joke), yet still speaks perfect Serbian. I've loved these little videos and she better film more in the Summer when she goes back.

I am visiting my hometown and I wanted to show you a little bit of it. This is a city called Novi Sad and it is about 60km from the capital which is Belgrade. Not many people are familiar with Serbia so I thought it would be fun to film this and talk about where people like to go, what I like to do here, and what you can expect if you ever visit. I was born here and I moved to Vancouver when I was 9 years old. I will be back in June and if you like the video let me know because I can do another one when I am back. The city looks completely different in the summer. It's definitely my favourite time to be there. I talk throughout this ENTIRE video and I am not wearing any makeup! I hope you will enjoy it:)
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