Ultimate Foot Bitch - HD

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You can’t get enough of my feet. You love them especially in these sexy black pantyhose. Get over here and sniff these sweaty stocking feet. Good bitch. I know how addicted you are to me and these petite little feet. You can’t escape me, especially when I slide my pantyhose down nice and slow exposing my smooth silky feet. They smell so good to you too don’t they! You love the way the pantyhose smell and the sweat from my feet. So tight and smooth. I know just how to make you tick loser. These feet make you weak like nothing else in the world. What If I just took some lotion here and rubbed it all over them! Oh yes, don’t look away bitch! That’s it, let these feet take over your mind and melt your pathetic little soul. Your purpose in life is to worship these feet, bow down to their perfection! - Lucy
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