wonder woman bj with big facial

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13,872 5.0
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ShannonP84 Nov 12 2017

Best vid I've seen anywhere! Wonder woman cosplay! Wow, all the fun you and I would have together. The possibilities are endless.

Katsomoto Mar 5 2016
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Sexy, sensual, awesome. One of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Thatdudebro Feb 27 2016
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Very sexy yet sensual. Fun cosplay, though would like more dirty talking

ReignOfSuperman - Top reviewer Feb 2 2017
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10 OUT OF 10, What man wouldn't want to fuck or sucked off by WONDER WOMAN? Come on now! Huge Superman Fan, most of us are, biggest fan dream. to be him and fuck her...and Lara makes that possible in one way...The 1 way wonder woman would be so unbelievable being so submissive BUT HERE SHE IS...sucking us off. MMm- soo awesome. and Sensual sexy too. gets that lip stick just the right amount and looks perfect...plus the ending...after she drains us...love the way she uses her tongue to push the head of the cock, teasing it but slamming it too. so hot. love tongue teasing. EVEN hotter than the preview is what makes this one stand out for me. Truly. Not too slow and just long enough!

norcalguy23 Mar 5 2016
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Super friendly, smart, funny and genuine people I've talked to. You won't be disappointed.

I'm dressed up in my favorite cosplay, sucking my big dildo for you until it cums all over my face and tits