Freebie Tuesday

4 Femdoms Spank and Spray Sissy Joy!


Denali Winter

American / San Francisco
19:26 min - Feb 28 - .MP4 - 422.77 MB


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Poor Sissy Joy has gotten herself into trouble this time! It's a beautiful day out and Mistresses Alice, Vyra, Sofia, and Denali can't wait to enjoy the sun! We bring out our brightly dressed sissy slut, who we just took out of chastity, and tie her down to a wheel barrel, promising to stuff her ass with a big pink bubble wand. After lots of spankings and teasing from all four of us, maniacal Mistress Sofia begins to penetrate Joy's ass with the wand...but after trying for a couple minutes, we give up and get the hose! If your ass won't let us fuck it, Joy, we'll just have to clean you up and entertain ourselves another way!
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