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Lexy Bandera Interview & Solo

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We have a real firecracker for you today on I Touch Myself. She's a very loquacious cam girl who likes to ride dick and watch herself doing so in front of a mirror. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning of the interview. When asked about how she likes to initiate sex, her response is that she is very straight forward. She'll reach for your pants and pull your dick out just like that. Her favorite sex toy is a Hitachi magic wand. She claims it is like her best friend. She also likes butt plugs and vibrating toys. Fun fact: She will usually spend more time giving head than actually having sex because that is something she really likes to do. She'd rather perform oral sex than to receive it. She also likes trying multiple sex positions as often as possible. She is pretty confident that she's tried every single one in the book. Do you want to touch her somewhere special? Try the inside of her thighs. That gets her going pretty quickly. Her most memorable sexual experience includes riding down a beach in a pickup truck while having sex. Is she down for anal sex? You betcha! It took her a while to get into it, but she is now sold. As for her favorite sexual position, she loves missionary with her legs wrapped around the guy so his dick is fully inside of her. Want to make her feel special? Forget the flowers! Fuck her on a balcony overlooking the beach instead. Having trouble getting her to cum? Take your time. Play with the inside of her thighs and clit, and then power fuck her. She gets herself off every day, so she may be a little desensitized. Do not skip the foreplay! Now that you know a little bit about her, you can enjoy the show. She does a little dance while she slowly removes her clothes. Her all natural figure is smooth and sexy. She climbs into the bed and begins to masturbate.

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