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Harlow Harrison Interview & Masturbation

2k Views · nov 7, 2019
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We have a real treat for you today on I Touch Myself. This free porn video features a beautiful model with big tits and a lot of tattoos. She has a great personality, too, as you will notice after watching her interview at the beginning of this movie. She is smart and eloquent, and she has a bit of an edgy Scarlet Johansen look about her that I find incredibly alluring. In anticipation of sex, she likes to exchange raunchy text messages. The more detail, the better. When it comes to sex toys, she believes both partners should use them in the bedroom. She claims that a non-penis-shaped vibrator can elevate the experience for both partners in a non-threatening way. Her most memorable sexual experience took place in her friend's man cave. The foreplay was incredible, and the sex on the billiards table resulted in gallons of squirt leaking all over the place which almost ruined the sound system. For a girl who has tried almost everything, she is still waiting to try a standing 69. If you are a muscular fellow with strong arms and a big dick, you should consider giving this girl a call. If she doesn't answer, it is probably because she is masturbating. She claims to flick her bean at least 20 times a day. No kidding! Whatever you do, do not count on having a Greek encounter with her. While she is not opposed to backdoor access, it takes a lot of warming up before that would ever happen. You'll have better odds if you are in a relationship with her, that's for sure. After the interview is over, she slowly removes her clothes for the camera. You can admire her incredible figure from the front and the back. She then climbs into the bed and we're treated to a picture-in-picture shot of her moaning face as she rubs her pretty, pink pussy. After she climaxes in the end, the video is over. What did you guys think of this one?

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