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eXXXotica Freesome II

4k Views · nov 15, 2019
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...Electric Boogaloo. Sorry, had to. Although I was ultimately too busy to really do eXXXotica proper like I did last year, there's no way I was going to let an opportunity to work with Ava Minx (@AvaMinxOfficial) again pass while she was already in my new backyard. She gave me the same offer she did last year: Bring along a cute friend for her to play with, and she'd fuck both of us at the same rate she would just me. If I weren't already lucky enough, getting paid to have a threesome with me and Ava was just the incentive my new roommate and fellow lover of hot bisexual porn girls Miss Moanette (@D_Moanette) needed to finally make her official porn debut. And a hell of a debut it is, the two of them (and by extension, the three of us) had such good chemistry that we almost made Ava late for her next shoot--in a world without clocks, this scene would probably be over an hour long. I guess we'll just have to save that for next year.

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