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I've Grown Up, Step Brother

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I am looking for my stepmom because she told me she'd give me a ride to my girlfriend's house. My car has been having trouble lately, so I am very thankful for her help. Now, if only I can find her. I think I'll try asking my stepsister. I walked into her room and asked her if she'd seen her mom. She said, no, but she invited me to stay in her room and chat for a little while. I might as well, since there is a lot to catch up on. We sat on her bed and she started to reminisce and she asked me why I haven't been around. I told her I've been busy with work and school, and my needy girlfriend. She seemed eager to reconnect. She asked me for a foot rub and I was happy to oblige. My little sister has nice feet. Her legs are nice, too, and long and skinny. She's wearing a yellow Sunday dress with a floral pattern. She looks so cute. I start feeling guilty. But I go for it anyway.

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