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Employee Finds Boss With Dick In Hand

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I call my sexy, young employee into my office because she fucked up the P&Ls. (Profit & Loss Statements.) To her surprise, I'm sitting in my chair with dick in hand, stroking away without a care in the world. She is surprised to see me this way, but it's not the first time I've done this so she reluctantly walks in. I point out her errors and grill her for messing up. She apologies with words, but that is not good enough. I tell her to drop to her knees like she's done many times in the past. I then record her sucking my hard big dick with gusto until I unload a nut sack full of hot cum into her waiting mouth. She then gets up and rushes to the restroom to spit it out, which gives me a laugh. Maybe it's because I ate asparagus last night? Who knows. Who cares. She better not fuck up again because now I have to work all night to fix this problem. But at least I'm less upset and frustrated now, thanks to that orgasm I had.

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