Raspberry Crush


ilse Alcorta

Mexican / Texas
7:37 min - Mar 08 - .MP4 - 329.80 MB


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Hello everyone! It seems like Saturday's becoming the day when i'm able to post my new sets, it used to be Wednesday but since i haven't been able to go to my little studio, i've had to wait until Saturday to shoot my new sets, i hope that's ok with you guys. Anyway, i wanted to crush some pretty fruit for this set, and i found these pretty raspberries in my fridge, i know i mostly crush raspberries but i just like how they feel on my little feet, haha. And i also like how colorful they are and they leave a red stain on my soles for a bit, and i think that adds some niceness to my pictures. ;) I also wanted to model my beautiful wedges, and thank Chadi for sending them to me! I think they're beautiful, i hope you guys think so too!