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Cozy Toes


ilse Alcorta

Mexican / Texas
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Hello everyone! :) Today's the last day of November and i made it just in time with this new picture set... I almost didn't make it though, i've been terribly sick all this past week, i got a stomach virus so i was pretty much in bed all week. :( I was finally able to eat something until yesterday so i started feeling better today, in fact, i think i'm pretty much ok now. I missed work all week as well and that totally sucks because i won't get paid... :( I even missed Thanksgiving dinner! I swear, this has been the worst Thanksgiving ever. But anyway, as i was saying, i finally got some food in my system and i'm getting all better now. :) So, that pretty much means i stayed home this week as well and i had to improvise a little. I had this idea, whenever i'm sick like this, i like to be warm, have lots of coffee, wrap a blanket around me and just watch cartoons all day, haha. So, i thought that a picture set of my little toes getting all cozy would be a good idea. ;) Also, i like to wear pretty sandals when i'm sick, just to cheer me up, haha. These pretty plastic sandals were a gift from my sister, they're great for dangling and i like that you can pretty much see everything, even my soles are visible, that's pretty neat. ;) Well, i hope you guys like this, and i just wanted to say that i'm very thankful for all of you.