Cozy Toes

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ilse Alcorta

Mexican / Texas
309 5.0
10:52 min - Mar 08 - .MP4 - 432.80 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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Ilse is one of the best foot models out there. She keeps it classy and knows how to tease with her feet. This particular video is some of her best work. If you dont know where to start with Isle Alcorta, this is a good place to start

Hello everyone! :) Today's the last day of November and i made it just in time with this new picture set... I almost didn't make it though, i've been terribly sick all this past week, i got a stomach virus so i was pretty much in bed all week. :( I was finally able to eat something until yesterday so i started feeling better today, in fact, i think i'm pretty much ok now. I missed work all week as well and that totally sucks because i won't get paid... :( I even missed Thanksgiving dinner! I swear, this has been the worst Thanksgiving ever. But anyway, as i was saying, i finally got some food in my system and i'm getting all better now. :) So, that pretty much means i stayed home this week as well and i had to improvise a little. I had this idea, whenever i'm sick like this, i like to be warm, have lots of coffee, wrap a blanket around me and just watch cartoons all day, haha. So, i thought that a picture set of my little toes getting all cozy would be a good idea. ;) Also, i like to wear pretty sandals when i'm sick, just to cheer me up, haha. These pretty plastic sandals were a gift from my sister, they're great for dangling and i like that you can pretty much see everything, even my soles are visible, that's pretty neat. ;) Well, i hope you guys like this, and i just wanted to say that i'm very thankful for all of you.