Sergeant Little Feet


ilse Alcorta

Mexican / Texas
11:20 min - Mar 07 - .MP4 - 257.43 MB


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Hello everyone! :) This is the last set of this month and as you already know, i’m super excited to start my costume sets next month, yay! haha. For this set, i’m a sexy Sergeant, i spent all day training naughty little footboys and after a hard day of work, now i’m getting ready to go to bed… ;) I take off my pretty heels and sexy fishnets to reveal my pretty little toes in bed. :) Like a good sergeant, i like to look serious on the outside, but once i take off my fishnets, you can see my pretty and girly pedicure… ;) I decided not to rip my fishnets because they were expensive and i can’t buy another pair yet, haha, i have to make them last. So i just took them off like a good little girl. ;) I hope you guys like this little set! :) Thank you all for everything, have a wonderful weekend! I love you all!