Freebie Tuesday

Gentle Feet

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ilse Alcorta

Mexican / Texas
396 5.0
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AGB11856 Feb 21 2017
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One of the best feet teasing ive ever saw.

Thank you ilse.
Your feet will always be my favorite

Hello everyone! :) Here's my third set of the month... and i think it came out pretty cute.... haha. ;) I decided to call it Gentle Feet because my little feet look so sweet and soft and innocent in this set... haha, they really do look gentle, and they are! ;) There's really not a theme this time, it's just me flaunting my soft little feet in front of the camera for you... ;) I like to read my books in bed, even though that makes me sleepy most of the time... haha. So, here i am reading a book in bed and wearing my pretty new dress and pretty new sandals, making you wish you could touch my soft little feet... ;)
ilse Alcorta
Mexican / Texas
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