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More @HankeysToys! Beautiful new molds

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The video is sponsored by HankeysToys! You can get the same dildos here: So, it's my 4th package from HT. Once again, I was surprised how fast I got my custom made toys: it took just 6 days! Toys from this video are 1) Sigmaloid size Small/Medium, marble black and dark green coloration; 2) Seahorse size M, two tone blue and purple; 3) Oni size M, marble green and yellow4 4) Taintacle size S, marble silver, gold, bronze. All toys are 75% soft with Vac-U-Hole. Toys unpacked in this video were used in the following clips: 1) FREE Nylon feet, anal gape with Oni 2) Slutty Bunny - anal whore! 3) Anal, gape, cum countdown 4) Taintacle squirting orgasm 5) Facial, fuck machine double penetration 6) Toys, gapes, farts, creampies, rosebuds 7) POV Seahorse dildo fuck, farting, gapes Tags: unboxing, fantasy sex toys, dildos, aliens & monsters, MILF, non nude, accent, tentacles, review, SFW, MrHankeysToys, early Christmas gifts, watermarked

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Mya Starr @Mya Starr3 years ago
I love hankeystoys!
janine9 @janine94 years ago
They are beautiful, Mylene!  So exciting.  I am so eager to see you try them. And I really want a Seahorse!  Janine xx