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Mandy Lohr

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Indyfun1961 Jan 12 2017

today's price is a steal at $17.49 Buy it!

Indyfun1961 Jan 12 2017

Love this video. Mandy gets into riding the toys and she is so good at letting go and bringing herself to pleasure.  A must have for any Mandy Lohr fan

uyotg3MNV - Top reviewer Feb 18 2017
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Very happy with this one. There's no role playing or anything cheesy or overacted. It's just Mandy having fun, and the angle is just perfect. She spends some time facing forward, some time facing backward, and there are what you might consider "bloopers" but the video is just so long, they're easy to forgive or miss. I like this one a lot.

hazlenutz Dec 9 2016
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This video is the most authentic and sexy thing I've ever watched.

FeederOfRavens Sep 11 2016
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Absolutely fantastic video. It's sexy as hell, with some bloopers left in to make you smile. The overall experience is very genuine, and to me that makes it even sexier. I cannot recommend purchasing this video enough. It's that simple.

Jerkygoo Oct 20
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This video will give you an authentic taste of the Mandy Lohr experience.

Mandy sets the mood with some light teasing and an impish grin, then jumps fearlessly onto the counter to show you her raw sensuality as she slowly rides up and down the dildo you see in the clip teaser. After a few minutes of this slow rising action the mood is lightened with some levity, as an unscripted equipment failure shows you how adorably embarrassed Mandy can be as she struggles to reset the scene.

You'll see this rising and falling action occur several times over a variety of positions as Mandy takes you on a tour of the many sexy positions that a beautiful woman riding a dildo can assume. Her cuteness comes out in a nibbling of her lip and playful sticking out of her tongue, then transitions into a slow sensuality as she gracefully rocks her body in a pleasing rhythm, followed by moments of shyness when the scene is interrupted by some unexpected happenstance that she has to leave the dildo to address. Finally, you'll see her hit her stride when she takes off her glasses to signify "all right team, we're doing this," and you'll get to see her pound that dildo into submission.

"This is why I don't do videos," she'll say bashfully, but I believe nothing of the sort; This is Mandy Lohr at her sweetest and sexiest, demonstrating both her winning personality and her gorgeous body. It's a very genuine experience that showcases the reasons why you should be watching her videos.

c4206969 - Top reviewer Mar 3 2017
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Mandys best video in my opinion and the most epic intense riding orgasm I have seen on this site. If you are looking for something that truly wont disappoint get this. Has earned the title of "MUST SEE" ;-)

dBuzyy - Top reviewer Jan 10 2017
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AMAZING riding video. Really intense towards the end. Highly recommend.

azrealmd - Top reviewer Aug 17
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You are wonderful and beautiful. This video is amazing in quality and style (and I'm also glad you did not fall off during any of it) and please make more!

jd5404 Jun 3
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This became an instant favorite for me despite never having seen Mandy or her videos before. It's really raw, genuine, and sexy. The concept is simple; her execution of it is exceptional. I'm very glad I bought this video.