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Young Kiarra Kai Dirty Talk & Roleplay

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Are you excited to do this today? I'm so excited. I wanna watch you take your cock out. Wow! It's so big. Can I touch it? Do you like me touching your cock very softly, stroking it? I'm playing with your balls, rubbing them, and stroking your cock up and down. Slow and firm. Do you want me to take your cock in my mouth? It tastes so good. I love licking it up and down. I love licking your balls. They taste so good. I'm putting them both in my mouth. Giving you a blowjob feels so good, it's making me so wet. It's my turn. Please put your fingers inside me. I love you fingering my tight pussy, stretching it out, making me feel so good. I want your big cock inside of me now. Inside of my tight little pussy. Just like that. OMG. Feels sooo good, so deep inside my pussy. Now I want you to fuck my tight ass from behind. Do you like my big, round ass? Do you like the way it jiggles? You can go ahead and put it in real slow and deep. Just like that, yeah. Now cum all over my cute ass and pussy. I want to taste it. I'm licking it off of my fingers. It tastes so good. Thank you for fucking me today.

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