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Your sexy nemesis has finally got you in her clutches after all these years. She couldn't be more excited for all the things she has in mind to toy with you like you have her for soo many years. But where to start? With a snap of her fingers, she takes away your muscles. Now the exterior matches the interior: a wimpy little loser! She flexes as she mocks you! Pathetic! With another snap of her fingers, she shrinks you down to a miniature size. Aren't you cute all mini-wini?! She removes her heels and smothers your head between her toes. All of her toe jam covering you. Stomping on you with her sweaty, smelly feet. This is just too much fun! But she has one more trick up her invisible sleeve... with another snap of her fingers she transforms you into a thong. Wedging you up her ass crack and between her pussy lips. Raving about how she's going to go workout with you on and how all of her filthy juices and smells are going to drown you. She wonders if it hurts you when she pulls at the fabric and snaps it on her skin. She twists, pulls and cackles as she does so in hopes that you do. Leaving to go enjoy her last evil plot. Tags: femdom/femdom POV/female domination, wedgie/wedgies, muscle domination/muscle worship, thong, ass/ass spreading, camel toe/cameltoe, smell fetish/scent/aroma, feet/barefoot/soles/unpainted toenails, closeups/close ups, heroes/villains/supervillain, roleplay/role play, dirty talk

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