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Thrilled Chubby Latina Jerks Me Off

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I pulled up to a parking lot somewhere in Miami (I won't tell you where for obvious reasons) and pulled me dick out for the world to see. I started jerking off in my car and this young, chubby Latina walked by and caught a glimpse at my cock flash. She didn't run away or call the cops, which was unusual. But I was glad, because she ended up being really cool. She asked if she could take a picture and I told her, yeah, go ahead. She took a selfie with my dick haha. She then offered to jerk me off, and I went ahead and let her. She did a pretty good job but her grip was a bit too tight. When I started to get soft, I took control and got myself to the finish line. She was very patient with me, which was so nice, I gotta say. I nutted all over my stomach. She had a big smile on her face. She was really pleased! One of my favorite flashing encounters, for sure.

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