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Step-Mom's New Shrinking App-MP4-1080p

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Custom Video-Name Richard used occasionally-Mommy has a brand new app that I downloaded on my phone.  Let's try it out! It's supposed to work really good, all my girl friend's tried it out on their son's too! It's going to shrink you to be super tiny! So tiny, you will fit in my cleavage or inside mommy's wet vagina! Imagine mommy carrying you around all day , exploring my body and pleasuring every hole I have! Let's try it! ZAPPPP! Oh my! Look at you! You are the size of my thumb! Climb on to me!!!! Start exploring my body! I bet this app can also make me a giant!!! Imagine mommy as a huge giant! The entire city we live in can worship my hot body!!! I can use the buildings as dildos too!!! Oh let's try that next!!!!

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