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Bethany Benz Star Studded Stroked & Poke

14k Views · feb 11, 2020
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Banging one of your celebrity favorites is a once in a lifetime experiences. Filming it is even greater BUT when she says in her fancy foreign accent say “Ohh your so sexy we should make a fuck flick” You gotta be one of the luckiest MF on the planet. So I geared up with all black and at first she was like why the hell the gloves. I laughed and said no glove no gloves no love. I like it hardcore doll. She said okurrr… Started giving me this sexy little strip tease poking out that fat ass. Natural tits jiggling. Yasss you have awoken then black panther. Then she got down and got her slurp on my man meat. After that I dove in her pussy deep as she gave these little whimpers and whines until I broke out some oil and coated her like an Exxon spill. Shined her ass up then slide right in that warm little honey hole. She even let me switch holes from ass to pussy to finish off in her mouth and all over her face. It was quite a rush and she was all smiles! This is truly one for the books.

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drainal @drainal3 years ago
Dang if I know a thang or two you know she strung out on something at the end haha high
jaj6017 @jaj60174 years ago
Worth the wait. Nicely done sir!