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Swapping Bodies with My Hot Mom!

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You've always been a curious boy... probably too curious for your own good. You've been having dreams lately of what it would be like if you could swap bodies with a girl... a hot girl... a girl like your mother! You've dreamed about it almost every night. One day you happen upon a curious little shop with lots of weird things for sale. You notice a curious box with magical chocolates... chocolates that promise to let you swap bodies with whomever eats them. You are sure they won't actually work but you just have to try. You purchase them and bring them home as a gift for your mother.... Oh honey! You bought me chocolates? Thank you! These are SO expensive, what's the special occasion? Oh well, I'm just so happy to receive something so special from you! Which one should I try? Mmmmm how about... this one? Oh honey.... mmmm... that was so absolutely devine. I've never tasted anything so good.... so... magical in my entire life! Thank you so much sweety.... but mommy is so tired. I need to get to bed, I'll see you in the morning, ok? The magical chocolates took effect somewhere around midnight... it is now the next morning. No way! Did they really work? They must have... I have long hair and big tits... oh my god! I must be in my mother's body! They did work, I swapped bodies with my mom! Oh this is just too cool! What should I do? Well, I'm definitely going to check this awesome body out... I've always wondered what it was like to be a woman. Oh these tits! Look at them! They are so big and squishy... my mom has some tits! Hmmm... I wonder if I should.... well, should I check out what it's like to have a... pussy? No... I don't think I should... I mean, touching my mom's pussy... she would be so pissed! But she won't find out so I'm going to go for it. Ohhhhhh wow.... this thing feels incredible! It's so wet! It feels so good to touch it like this.... that's it, I've decided... I'm going all out since I finally got my wish. I am totally masturbating in my mom's body. I just have to know what it's like to have an orgasm as a woman!

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