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Mommy's Special Christmas Present

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Honey! What are you still doing awake? I told you that Santa won't bring your presents if you are not resting. No little boy anywhere has ever caught Santa delivering presents, you must be ! I know you are terribly excited and it must be so hard to fall tonight but maybe mommy can help. Hmmm let's see... what could we do to make you sleepy. Oh, I know! How about it mommy gives you are early Christmas present? Yes I think that is just the thing to get you tired. This is a very special present, honey. This is a present that all little boys want but most of them never get. See, you have this thing in your pajamas that makes you feel really good and.... well, mommy is going to play with it for you and when we are done you will be extra tired and you can get to bed so Santa can come and bring your presents!

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