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Shoe Squirting With Chey

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THIS WAS A CUSTOM REQUEST. NO NAMES WERE USED. FOR YOUR OWN CUSTOM MESSAGE ME: I have Chey sensually worship my converse sneakers. I love the way her tongue feels on my shoes; the way she licks them so sensually. I am so turned on from the second she starts. This sexy 22 year old has me completely soaked from just licking/worshipping my shoes. I then ask her for another pair; she pulls out a pair that are dirty and I go at it and lick them listening to her every word. As I lick I look right at her and the second the shoes go down I grab her and kiss her. We make out passionately and I love the way she kisses. I grab her face and we make out for a few minutes. I then grab her perfect perky tits and her perfect pussy and she does the same to me. I lay her down and finally get to lick her pussy. She taste's amazing; I lick her pussy and you can tell how into it she is! Which makes me more excited.. I grab the shoe and insert it. Her pussy is pierced which is so fucking hot. I fuck her sexy pussy with the shoe until I bring her to an orgasm. I can feel her quiver as she cums. She looks at me, Kisses me and lays me back and licks my pussy. She feels so amazing; I love the way her tongue feels against my clit. She grabs the shoe and inserts it. I love the way she fucks me and I can feel my body getting ready. I grab the shoe and flip it; I tell her to rub my clit and so she does and I squirt everywhere. Chey has never been with a squirter and the second I squirt she goes crazy! It was so hot to watch her face as I squirted. She lines up the shoes and I sit up and blast my squirt all in the shoes. I fill up the shoes and I also squirt all over the floor. I get down and start licking up all the squirt. I grab the squirt soaked shoes and slurp my squirt. Featuring: Chey

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