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You hear a knock on the door and eagerly answer it excited to see your hot date. When you open the door though, the person standing there doesn't quite look like who you've been chatting with for awhile now. She's, well, a lot fatter in person. She introduces herself and you realize it is in fact the person you've been waiting to take out. You both have a seat and she quickly makes herself at home all while trying to convince you she doesn't look THAT different from her photos. Her sitting on the couch practically bursting out of her tight leggings and cropped top tells a different story though, You've been catfished or, in this case, Fatfished! KEYWORDS: bbw, ssbbw, roleplay, taboo, weight humiliation, fat fetish, weight gain, belly in leggings, belly fetish, fat ass, crop top, supersized, catfish, gluttony, laziness, obese, fat woman

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