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Daddy and His Doll

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Alone in her room, award-winning cam girl Norah Nova is trying unsuccessfully to study when her stepfather and his inflatable girlfriend Minerva enter the room. Staring at blonde cutie Norah in her short, flowered skirt and high heels, stepdad slides his cock in and out of his doll before Norah gets fed up and takes out her frustration on him. She knees him in the balls, kicks him in the crotch, and yanks his nuts as she threatens to rat him out to her mom. She continues to punish her stepdad, even using her mouth to bite and nibble on his testes. Alternating between biting and sucking on the head of his cock, Norah threatens to chomp it off unless he gives her everything she wants and does everything she says. He agrees and she becomes a bit more loving…gracefully sucking and stroking his cock and saying “come here, stepdaddy…” She displays her perfect ass for him before he slides her lace panties to the side and kisses, licks, and nibbles on her butt as she playfully giggles. “You want in there, don’t you daddy?”, she says before he slides his hard cock into Norah’s pierced pussy, much to her delight. Further pleasuring her by removing her clothes and eating her pussy, Norah is getting everything she wants from him. He resumes fucking her, now fully nude, her pierced tits bouncing with every stroke of his cock and says, “you’re so much tighter than your mother!” He fucks Norah on top of her large stuffed teddy bear until he pulls out and she happily jerks him off on her face, tits, and armpits. The scene ends with a slow-motion replay of the cumshot and a lingering look at Norah’s tight, cum-drenched body.

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