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Hairy Girls Pee and Body Tour

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Adora and I are unshaved babes! We start by slowly looking and touching each others body hair and feeling ourselves while stripping out of our sexy outfits. We show off our sexy armpit hair and rub our pubes against one another. Adora's sexy body is making me need to piss so badly so i tell her to get down, she listens like a good girl and I pee all over her hairy bush! i cover her in my golden nectar. When i tell her it's time for her to piss on me, she tries her hardest but is so shy because she can't pee anywhere near as good as I can. I give her a few slaps and take her head and rub her face in my bush as she apologizes to me that she isn't as good as me. Maybe next time i can make her piss on me.

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