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Edge Monday-Friday

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It's Monday! That means the end of a hot, sexy weekend- for Me anyhow. And a week to do whatever I want whenever I want while you go off to work in your office. Make that money for Me- it's what's meant to be. You can't stay away though. You have the daily task of binging on My clips and edging. Monday, edging. Tuesday more edging. Still no cumming on weds. Oh forgot to Mention that Alpha will be in town before the weekend. Let that motivate you to stroke. We'll be on this bed having fun, and you edge to the though. By friday you'll be hooked, mesmerized, with balls bursting at the seams. You must still call an confess what happened to your beta brain throughout the week. What got you hard? How often did you stroke? Which clips did you buy? What moment nearly pushed you over the edge to failure? you work Mon-Fri you work for Me Mon-Fri you beg permission to cum if you cum at all Category: EDGING GAMES Related Categories: ORGASM DENIAL , ORGASM CONTROL , CUCKOLDING , JOI , FEMDOM POV Keywords: amara noir , edging , tease , jerk at work , permission , cum control

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