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French Maid Fucks For The Job

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French maid job interview: Boss says you need to try on the maid outfit to make sure it fits, maid hesitates at the see through tiny outfit but really needs the job so she puts it on. He makes her stand in front of him with a feather duster. Then he makes her turn around and bend over. She hesitates again but does as he asks. When she turns around his hard cock is out of his pants and she gasps and says no sir I don’t think this was part of the job description. He tells her it is and that she needs to use the feather duster on his cock. She obliges. Then he makes her lift up the front of her apron and feather dust her pussy. She does... and finds it feels surprisingly good and is starting to get turned on and wet by this turn of events. He tells her if she really wants this job she’s going to have to get down on her knees and clean his cock with her tongue... well this is a cleaning job so she does as she’s told. She gets more turned on by this. He then tells her to get down on her hands and knees so he can fuck her doggy style... she protests, no this isn’t part of the job description and I’m not on birth control! He tells her if she wants this job she’ll get on her hands and knees, besides he likes that she’s not on birth control... she’d look even sexier with a round pregnant belly. She does as she’s told and lets him fuck her from behind. She says please don’t cum inside me... he just keeps fucking her. He turns her over and makes her take her tits out of the outfit then has her get on her back and fucks her as she protests that he must not cum inside her. He ignores her and keeps fucking her and she starts to enjoy it more and more till she stops protesting and realizes she wants every last drop of his cum inside her. He leaves her with a creampie and tells her she got the job.

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