Freebie Tuesday

Licking and Sucking My Pedicured Toes

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605 5.0
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ethan42mv - Top reviewer Jan 29
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Wow, what a fantastic vid. Such beautiful toes, licked and kissed so sensual. More like this, please! ;-)

Ethan242 - Top reviewer Feb 6 2016
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Ms. Cakes toes are truly heaven. For foot-lovers, this video is spot on!

Full HD 1080p. I just finished giving myself a pedicure, and my toes look so pretty with this metallic silver nail polish! I give you a closer look as I spread and wiggle my toes so you can admire them too. They look good enough to eat, or at least lick and suck on, don't they? You know, I actually really LOVE having my toes sucked... and I bet you'd enjoy doing it too. Let me show you exactly how I'd like you to do it. First, I'd want you to start off slow, flicking your tongue softly over my sensitive toes like this... then gently sucking each one into your mouth, one by one. Oh, that feels so nice... You like watching me do this, don't you? Good, I want you to stroke your cock while you watch me lick and suck my feet and toes some more. Next I'll run my tongue up and down my soles and in between my toes, looking right into your eyes the whole time. Mmm, I just love watching you jerk off while I do this... I want you to keep going harder and faster as I suck my toes harder for you. Don't stop til you cum all over my feet and toes so I can lick and suck them clean