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Lily's back and she's extra thicc

5k Views · feb 27, 2020
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I knew I wanted to have Lily back some day--she's stupid hot and she fucks like she was destined to be in porn from birth--but it was actually Dee Moanette who encouraged me to set something else up with her because she *also* really wanted to fuck Lily. In the ~18 months since I last saw her, she had not only gotten her tongue split (which I was super pumped to feel on my cock), but I was surprised to learn she'd managed to put on an extra 15 pounds or so exclusively in her tits and ass. I thought her body was good before, but good lord is she ever a proper PAWG now and watching that fat booty of hers empty my balls was a hell of a show, so don't miss it. Oh, and the split tongue blowjob was awesome too, if you were wondering.

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