Roommate caught spying & gives a Facial

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Ivy Adams

American / Florida
11,515 4.9
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innerdeviant - Top reviewer Dec 18
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Ivy Adams seem to be having a lot of fun!

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I think I found a new favorite model. Ivy Adams is amazing.

Thank you so much! :)

Arikajira - Top reviewer Dec 12
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Wonderful video Ivy

Thank you so much! :) Happy you liked it ^.^

Glad you liked it, thank you!

Heero_G - Top reviewer Dec 12
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Nice blowjob, deepthroat, fucking and facial from a really beautiful woman! Thanks!

Thanks back! :)

Buttdumplins - Top reviewer Dec 12
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Angles in this vid a perfect and your tits are amazing!

Dbatdan6 - Top reviewer Dec 12
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So fucking sexy and hott, wish ur hair was down u r so fucking fine

I'll have to make sure I make another one with my hair down :) Glad you liked it, thanks for the review!

Lightning Rod - Top reviewer Dec 12
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Holy shit!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Canaries Sep 18 2017
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WOW this video is very hot and has everything you need, you get to see her amazing blowjob skills especially deepthroat, you do not want to miss her fucking and moaning and there's a great facial at the end. What more do you need and in my opinion it's a MUST HAVE

stlsfinest Jul 27 2017
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This is by far the best vid I've seen on MV. The roleplay is phenomenal. Her combination of sucking and stroking is unmatched. If she rode u, u may not last long. She rides like a champ. Can't say enough about this woman. Glad I found her!! This video is a MUST HAVE!!!

Kisa22187 Mar 22 2017
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I love this video, I love the role play, it has actually inspired me and my wife to start doing role play.

NahGuyWhe1n Mar 21 2017
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Alright. I've owned this video long enough, and Ivy deserves this shout out. Gentlemen, ladies, this is by far one of the best videos I have in my collection. I mean, who in their right mind doesn't want to see Ivy get passionately fucked?

Gurl, 10/10. I gotchu fam. (This was not a pay for advertisement, courtesy of Chris)

Boloflex - Top reviewer Apr 7
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Great video. Love the spying roommate premise. You look super cute and sexy and the facial at the end was great.

Badlander - Top reviewer Mar 18
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Great video with a nice flow.

The starting masturbation sequence could have been a bit longer for my taste, but it did its job well, and set up everything nicely, especially with the bit of dialogue to follow.

The action is a good mix of POV and 3rd person perspective shot, creating a good change of pace, which works nice with the various positions we get to see.

The final sequence till the climax looks really good, you can tell the effort going into the cumshot.

The only drawback to me is that the sound could have been a bit clearer and better, but that doesn't stop this video from being a fun and enjoyable experience.

Overall, fun video, nice to watch.

Ace_0724 Jan 20
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Amazing video! Ivy Adams is hot! Stunning woman getting fucked, great body

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He fucks you so good and you fuck him so good too! Love this

Marck1022 - Top reviewer Dec 29
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so great fantastic videos!

MetalCelt - Top reviewer Dec 18
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The content itself is great, Ivy fucks like a champ. It's let down only by the poor video quality.

I caught my roommate spying on me while I was masturbating and I decided to try out the phrase Friends With Benefits. He fucks me in multiple positions and cums all over my pretty little face
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