Something About Spit

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1,570 5.0
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MichaelXY - Top reviewer Apr 24 2016
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Starts off with a great closeup of her face and spitty toungue. Whispering and talking while she has a spitty mouth. Some name calling like "slut" etc.. which is awesome.

The spit action is fantastic with her holding spit trails and slurping them up or slowly letting them drop down in a POV sequence and also blows some spit bubbles.

This isn't really a fetish I'm into I only bought it because I was interested in checking out the content of this girl who I hadn't heard of before and I have to say this video is pretty good. The end is an advertisement where she gives you her email address to buy her spit which in my opinion kinda ruins the video a bit.

i love the feeling of my thick spit rolling around my tongue and teeth so here i am taking another opportunity to show off how wet i can get you. you like the thought of [***] the juice from my mouth? i bet slut, but guess what, you're not even good enough to lay at my feet like a dog. so sit with an open mouth and glossy eyes while you become mesmerized. lost in my lips. lulled by my laughter. you're just a loser for jane and we both know it, let the warmth of my mouth comfort you into submission
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