Robot Secretary Sex Doll

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Roleplay Goddess

Polish / your head
2,186 5.0
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This is the one that started me down the path to all thing Roleplay Goddess. Amazing acting and robotic skills on display here. The eye crossing, finger sucking malfunctioning doll routine throughout this video is pure heaven. She's obviously gorgeous and her voice is soft and sweet and makes me melt. I enjoyed this one so much I have ordered two customs from her since it's release. Highly recommended.

ampfetish Mar 2020
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Amazing! I love robot videos, and this is the best one I've seen in a long time. Great work!

Secretary Robo Doll's job is simple - taking phonecalls, scheduling clients, filling in invoices, keeping track of expenses. But do not take her for granted. Her code is not perfect. She might malfunction when least expected. And when she does, she starts to short circuit which reminds her about the previous code. What was Robo Doll's earlier profession? Hitting her head made her remember... A code buried deep down came to life. With a blast. || This video contains: robot doll, doll fantasy, sex doll fantasy, robots, secretary, secretary doll, lip fetish, finger sucking, robotic movements, roleplay, face fetish, doll face, red lips, little black dress, high heels, blondes, makeup, JOE, robot doll malfunction, office scene, mirror. The video focuses on malfuntion.