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Goth Sister Lockdown CEI JOI Game

3k Views · apr 4, 2020
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We're at home in lockdown. Mum and Dad are at work, and we aren't even allowed to leave the house. I am so bored that I suggest playing a little game... Dares! You're reluctant at first and think it's childish, but you're clearly as bored as I am, so you agree. I get gradually more unclothed as you dare me to take off my shirt and show you my pussy... I dare you to jerk off... and eat your cum for me! This clip has very mild SPH at one point. --- Looking for the 4K version? I'm changing how I upload my content. To get the 4K version, buy the HD/1080p and then message me for a free 4K link. Find out more here:

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