I Feed on Pleasure

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Hi there! Dont run, I say, as I catch you with my hands, then take you to my voluptuous lips. Do not fear me. I can sense your fear I mean well, I promise. In order to reassure you, I start licking you, massaging your whole body with my warm, velvety, fat tongue. Didnt you enjoy being tasted and the anticipation of being swallowed? My lips part and my tongue tauntingly invites you inside. Let go. There is no shame in desiring to be my prey. You will be savored and taken whole: you will feel no pain, only pleasure, as you journey inside me. Then, when the journey is over, I will let you out. To help ease your anxiety, I put you down, and start teasing you with my sexy, tall, tanned body. Slowly, I trace the path you will take from my mouth, down my tight, wet throat and through my tummy; finally, I show you my tight, pink, ass hole, where you will eventually come out from. I am a gentle giant: I feed on pleasure, not flesh and bone. I lay on my back and my belly lets out a muffled growl: that growling, beneath your feet, is my tummy, preparing for its guest. After swallowing you whole, I describe how I can feel your naked body running down my throat. I gently massage my tummy as you settle. My stomach is distended and I am full and satisfied.
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