POV Ebony Nurse DarkNess Gloved HJ



American / Hell
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I see on your chart that you're experiencing an ache in your pelvic region. My diagnosis? Fluid Retention. I'll need to drain it immediately. Nurse DarkNess is going to make you feel all Better... First, I'll lean over you to take your vitals, jot down a couple quick notes on my clipboard, put on my black latex gloves, then give you the physical therapy you need. Elements of: Cleavage, Latex Glove Fetish, Ebony Medical Fetish, Gloved Handjob, Stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer (Pressure Monitor Cuff), Clear Jelly Dong, Medical Terminology, Red Lipstick, Nurse Costume Play and a big glob of Lube Jelly!