Knock Me Up Get Back at Cheating Husband

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Your best friend's hot wife calls you over to talk. When you arrive you find out that she knows her husband is cheating on her and though you try to deny it, she knows you knew. Because of this she decides that you will help her get back at her husband. She plans on doing this by having you fuck her and knock her up. You try to say no, but she then gives you some blackmail motivation saying either you knock her up or she will tell her husband you told her about his infidelity and that you fucked her anyway. She then reveals the rest of her wicked plot. She wants your hot seed to get pregnant by but she will not reveal the trick until after she has delivered. So, the whole time she is pregnant only you will know that the cumshot that did it was yours. This is the ultimate in payback. Though you still protest she can see your cock getting hard. She then shows off her tits and a few positions in which you can fuck her. She also shows how big her belly will be when she is pregnant and talks too about how swollen with milk her tits will get. She is ready for some payback and she needs your help. She demands you take off your clothes and fuck your hot seed into her. You know you want to anyway. Included in this clip: Impregnation Fantasy, Knock Me Up, Payback, Blackmail Fantasy, Dirty Talk, Fuck Best Friend's Wife, Demand Your Cumload