Paralyzed Blonde in Diaper Pantyhose Pee

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The hot paralyzed blonde wearing her adult diaper is back on her bed with her big tits in full glory. She has now gotten used to being handicap and not having the use of her legs. Though being in a wheelchair has been a bit if hindrance for her, it is what it is and she now has to get ready to go. She starts by positioning her lifeless legs in place so that she can put on her pantyhose. This proves to be a big challenge. She twists and turns her body and does everything in her power to get the pantyhose to go up over her adult diaper. She is exhausted when it is done and then realizes something as she starts to reach for her dress. Though she has no feeling in her lower extremities she thinks she has peed in her diaper and a quick check with her fingers confirms this. Now she has to start all over again so she is not walking around with pee all day. She frustratingly takes the pantyhose back off and then reaches for her spare diaper. This is going to be tough, but she will make it through no matter what. Included in this clip: Handicap, Paralyzed, Diaper Fetish, Numb Legs, Pee Fetish, Pantyhose Fetish, Struggling, Big Tits, Blondes