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Sneaker Fetish Converse Cum Countdown

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Brittany Lynn has on her cute Converse sneakers and has just returned from the mall. Since she knows how much of a sneaker fetish you have she decides to have some fun with you. She asks you all sorts of questions to cater to your sneaker fetish. Things like what you would do if she held your cock with her sneakers or if she gave you a sneaker job. She even takes off her sneaker telling you she might place your cock in the sneaker so you could feel the warmth. Instantly she sees that you hare hard. So, she tells you to get your cock out for some JOI fun. She has you stoke your cock as she continues to tempt and tease you with her converse sneakers, even showing her big tits as she does this. She then asks you to imagine where she will have you cum. Will it be on her, her feet, her shoes, the floor. She finally tells you that you will find out in a few seconds and starts a cum countdown from five. When she reaches zero she has you cum right where she wants you to, which is inside her Converse sneaker. Now the only question is, should she put it back on? Included in this clip: Sneaker Fetish, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Cum Countdown, Dirty Talk, Blondes, Big Tits, Converse Sneakers, Cum In My Sneaker, Brittany Lynn