End of My First Date w Fiona Sage

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769 4.5
23:08 min - May 7 2016 - .MOV - 1.31 GB


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Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Jul 12 2016
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Alli makes some of the best content I've ever seen hands down! Trust me when I tell you that you have to pick this video up, two beautiful ladies having a great time together you can't go wrong with this! Do Alli and yourself a favour and add this to your collection right now! You will be happy you did!

After a romantic evening of flirting and touching, I take Fiona home and we start to undress. Our video starts with us only in our panties, making out sensually, hands hardly leaving each other. We finger each other and passionately lick and suck all over until we just have to taste each other. We take turns, and you can see every detail with close ups and angle changes in this high quality video