Creamy Kitty Cum & Squirt

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5,102 5.0
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Charlie89 - Top reviewer Jan 30
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Amazing vid, five star vid for sure. I just love how you could hear how wet your pussy is as you dildo your sexy pussy. My cock was so hard and wet. Nicely done gorgeous, I highly recommend this vid. I will be purchasing more vids for sure

Bigbadmike22 - Top reviewer Sep 4 2016
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Nothing I love more than hearing a wet pussy, and you get that through this whole video. It's amazing to see how wet and creamy she gets. Add the squirts for even more wetness and it becomes a soaking sexy mess. Spreads also so we can get a good view of what it looks like. A mess that I would love to clean up for her!

shackst3r - Top reviewer Jul 17 2016
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Nice kity kity. I lover her fur. I just wanna pet it. Its not a bush. Its just the right amount of fuzz on a nice pink kitty.

jordan109 Jul 10 2016
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she is so sexy and beautiful. You'll love the way she ends in a wet a creamy cum using her g-spot tentacle dildo.
i would have to say that this video is very intense and so hot! as she has dubbed her self the queen of cum for a reason
she can squirt up to 6 times i would highly recommend this video to watch .

azrealmd - Top reviewer Jul 7 2016
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Catgirls, Catgirls, CATGIRLS! They are so perfect. Evakitten here takes her toy and lets you listen as she makes the juiciest and wettest sounds, an audiophile's dream. She goes on and on, letting you watch her creamy release coat her toy and skin before working herself up many times over. Then she changes position and I'll admit, I wish I was on all fours to lap at those delicious lower lips.

Liquidity2 Jun 13 2016
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Another fantastic video by Eva. This one has basically a couple of (similar) camera angles throughout but is set up perfectly so you can see everything. Description is perfect and describes what happens accurately. Eva is very yummy in this video :)

SportVid May 21 2016
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I always suspected that Eva had a sweet, creamy center, and this video proves it! The yummy, gooey wetness that flows from her pulsating pussy is erotically mesmerizing and definitely coaxed a goodly amount of moisture from my own male member. Worth many a repeat viewing.

alsleet777 - Top reviewer May 10 2016
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Highly recommended if you love the sound of a woman climaxing and you like it wet and messy. 5 stars!

horny kitty gets sooo creamy while using her g-spot tentacle dildo and makes a mess everywhere! this vid is very voyeuristic in nature, i focus completely on my wet & messy pussy and i squirt 6 times! they're mostly mini squirts but i'm proud i've squirted more than ever before and three times in a row even! my pussy has never gotten this creamy before and the sound of how wet i am is sooo hot, i'm very happy to show off this vid for you guys. i spread my cunt a few times because i'm so aroused by how wet i am and i cum twice!! Featuring kitten ears & tinkling collar, two orgasms, clitoral & g-spot stimulation, incredibly arousing wet pussy sounds
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