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898 4.0


898 4.0
8:14 min - May 11 - .MP4 - 373.69 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Putzo1234 May 26 2016
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Video Details: 1080p 30fps MP4

Video Quality: 9/10
Same setting, camera and lighting setup as her cucumber vid, which I gave 10/10. This one gets a 9 because she's more active and bounces around more - the motion blur shows the limitations of 30 fps. When she gets down to business, it's all you could want.

Get What You Pay For?: 10/10
Yup. Once again, Mylene's perfect ass and anus are the focus of attention here, which is what I came for. There's some fingering, a decent amount of in and out with the plug, a little bit with the double dildo and then the beads finish things up. In my opinion, the plug is the best part and probably why it's in the preview. Good marketing.

Porn Novelty: 7/10
While not a super-long video, the variety of toys is good. This video scores points for her fucking herself slowly with the plug. Her perfect asshole opening and closing around it is just wonderful. Also, all 10 of the beads go inside, which is nice. This would have got a 9 if the whole double-dildo went inside as well (it goes in about half-way).

Comments: If you like watching things going in and out of a beautiful ass, buy this right now. It's a no-brainer at this price.

Mylene May 26 2016

Thank you very much! Your reviews are super useful, keep them coming, please! :x

I'm demonstrating some of my anal toys in this video: medium butt plug, black double dildo and a chain of anal beads as I'm watching the guy I had show with fucking himself with a butt plug. Want to spy on someone's else show?