Asuna Services Enemy Guild With Her Body

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Lana Rain

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143,840 4.9
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pikefunal deleted Dec 2 2016

That sweet pussy

skyknight Jun 17 2016

ahhhh i love you !

cccccccccccccccc May 23 2016

How long does the machine fucking last?

MichaelXY May 24 2016

About 4 minutes, 3 positions, really well done.

EbonyIsley May 19 2016

I can tell she would make a perfect Nana Osaki or Mikasa Ackerman.

Souleater20 May 19 2016

love this one

Doguemastiff May 8 2016

I just bought the video. I will have to do the review later.

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Souleater20 May 19 2016
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This is one of her best so far cant wait until her next video.

lonelyboyxp Dec 12 2016
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another mind blowing video from the lovely Lana Rain. An original look at a traditional fantasey that shoould get every nerd reaching for their....swords. With the choice of making Asuna resist only to fall into becomeing a horny slut makes for the video to become a truely fantastic fantasey. Sword At Online fans will love every second of this with perfect constume and sexy acting. Again the added speech bubble affect to let the viewer feel like they are interacting is one of the many charms that makes Lana stand out as a video maker. I must have for fans of SAO and those who love the captive sex slave fantasey. Don't need to know the anime though to enjoy this amazing show

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Jul 18 2016
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Lana can do no wrong and this video is more proof of that! Her cosplay videos are off the charts and I guarantee that you will love any of them, this one in particular is my personal favourite of hers. It was so great it even got me into soa! Trust me when I tell you that you need to do yourself a huge favour and buy this video!

tigersong Jul 12 2016
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Amazing video that delivered everything I could have wanted and more. Thank you!

kingof20v - Top reviewer Jun 5 2016
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must, buy, more videos

MichaelXY - Top reviewer May 24 2016
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Awesome outfit and great makeup as usual, she looks amazing in this video!

Some fantastic sucking and drooling all over the dicks. The fucking machine is used for the BJ as well as multiple fuck positions which are all great.

Lots of moaning and some really sexy facial expressions and staring at the camera.

A really fun and original video that is extremely hot.

MetalZalor May 18 2016
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After buying/watching this video, I am not at all surprised that Lana is one of the top earners on this site. The video was excellent, the plot/setting worked great, costume and music were done well, and goddamn she is hot.

Even the 9 second preview (What made me buy this in the first place) kicked ass and drew me in almost instantly.

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer May 8 2016
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The scenario of a gang bang is excellent. I do love Lanas choice of words in this vid. The Cosplay was excellent, and it made me want to see what the rest of the gangbang was like. it worth the money. Buy it when you can.

prassets - Top reviewer Jan 26 2017
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kinda wish i didnt spend so much money on this but still she's does a great job

ZShade Oct 18 2016
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Something I love about this is how her eyes roll back as she gets pounded by her machine. But I do wish we could have seen 'Asuna's first orgasm, trying to fight it until she cums and loses her will to resist.

immax08 Jun 9 2016
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Great video, didn't know Lana but she seems to be very good in the roleplay kind. It's a great find to me i'll follow her to see more of this unique contents ! Great job go ahead !

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This video really captures a beautiful mind break of a very innocent character from sao. Lana Rain preforms an accurate representation for the innocent asuna with wonderful cosplay and voice acting. I only wish there was many more sao videos with different characters. I'd be happy to help

meredith555 Apr 9 2017
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Seems the download video had some problems

waynebruce15 deleted Dec 10 2016
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Sexy as fuck little lady

Saigonstyle Sep 10 2016
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Another great video from Lana, everything was perfect just like her xD i loved the captions on there too, made me really think i was watching hentai lol

LaPucina777 Aug 21 2016
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NERVE Gear time <3
Chapter 16.5

Dirtychef Jul 22 2016
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First, being anime lover and a SAO fan i almost bought this vid instantly. What put me over the top was the sneek peek, she edited it perfectly to highlight what the vid was all about.
I thought this video was perfect in the sense that it made me fall instantly in love with Lana and her cosplay. The quality and thought of this video was very good, you can tell she puts in a lot of thought with the plot and camera shooting.
The only thought that i have that could have made this video better would be a lot more dirty talking towards the end to really emphasize the ending out come. Other than that i absolutely love this video and will be back for more.

Sougo Okita - Top reviewer Jun 17 2016
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This was my 2nd Lan vid and I enjoyed it a lot. The outfit and acting was again superb. If I had a knock, I wish she would show more camera angles and close ups. Still a solid video.

[A-Tier Video] [Plot]; Asuna gets caught by an opposing guild and is threatened to satisfy all of them to keep her allies safe. Asuna is made to satisfy opposing guild.