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A Naughty Shower ANAL

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Milla Kane

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glympse Aug 10 2016
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It's hot... she is in need of a shower! Wearing an almost seethru white blouse from where we can notice her perfect pierced boobs... mmm what an amazing from above sight... she goes inside of shower and start to touch herself! Damn the heat is on top... time for refresh a little. Water starts to fall over her... now we can really see that hot body beeing revealed under that summerish outfit! Fck... she's amazing... wow!

Now she is all wet, touching herself over and under that wet seethru withe blouse... we think... keep doing it love, it's amazing... suddenly turning her back to us the wet panties start to come down as she look us over her shoulder with a "come to fuck me good" look... damn, damn... something is getting hard and harder... well as i was saying, after the panties out, it's time to be completly naked. my god that amazing wet body sure do wonders.

Time to show that perfect round ass from behind, more close or less close she show us that perfect treasure of her... ups fingers working that sexy asshole... the heat is on and on... there's no water tha can save it! Wow violet toy arrives and shes starts the real anal show. Things start to be even more hot. Is it possible? Yes it is, just wait for next... and then there it comes, the red dick dildo.

This is ultimate anal sex, hot, sexy, intense... she's loving it. Always from behind you can't loose any of it... it's all there for you to see, but wait there's more. You'll go nuts when she goes on her knees legs wide open red dick dildo in and out of that perfect ass... and now the climax of a beautiful sight... her fvking wet pussy opening as she does that perfect anal penetration. You'll sure explode! No? Well loved it... i did!

Kisses Cumerella!

jarya5 - Top reviewer Jul 30 2016
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Cumerella is so sexy in this. Watching her play in her shirt and panties under the shower and then move to fucking her gorgeous asshole and cumming hard has really made my day.

ZippityDoo Jul 2 2016
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If you need eye contact, your eyes will be glued to the screen with her dark eye peering back towards the cam throughout. The camera placement above the shower gives a unique perspective, and there are plenty of changes to keep it interesting. There is a nice tease and build up before the toys even come out!

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I'm speechless, this video is awesome!

kbarney Jan 5
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so hot to see you milla play with your shirt under the shower before play and cum with your ass.

Last night I was Feeling a little frisky, so I took a shower in my sexy white see through shirt and panties. I tease and touch myself then strip down to nothing. After I warm up on the outside and inside I found myself thinking about how long it had been since I was fucked in the ass! I decided to take matters into my own hands and I fuck myself with two different dildos. I bring myself to cum from my ass on the floor of the shower OMG felt so good