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Samantha Hayes

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jerdon Sep 2 2016
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Normally POV is my favorite, but I would recommend against it here since we ended up not seeing anything and Shawn's breathing by the microphone made it hard to hear anything else and was distracting. When he wasn't breathing my the mic the sound was perfection. Nice and clean. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

Samantha Hayes Sep 8 2016

Well, I'm sorry you didn't like it jerdon, but as stated it's *MOSTLY* POV.  Not a POV clip, and was not trying to be a POV clip.  It was an amateur style clip we shot at home for fun.  Fortunately we now have more accessories that'll help diminish any background sound.

A hot and passionate mostly POV style clip, shot after Shawn got off work. It starts out as a BJ off the bed before moving into doggy. Shawn makes me clean my cum off his cock before lifting my legs and fucking me hard and deep. Close ups throughout with a thick beautiful creampie Shawn feeds me which I lick up til his fingers and cock are clean:) This is my first ever cream pie, and Shawn's first sex clip with me. We can't wait to hear your feedback and fill the store with tons of hot, sexy clips of our personal sex life. I do not shoot cream pies in my professional porn career, so any cream pie content with me you'll find right here;) Rate and comment and receive private collection cream pie photos