Anal Training Pt 2: First Butt Plug DP

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Angela Moore

American / A home
549 5.0
18:58 min - May 8 2016 - .MP4 - 1.15 GB


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epsilonmale Jul 20 2016
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Practice makes perfect, and for a very hot video indeed!

slapponagato Jun 25 2016
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One of my favorite girls, I always enjoy watching her work. Highly recommend her work.

josez63 Sep 6
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great vid! really love her ass haha it's perfect wish i was training her for anal. she's really sexy and got the right curves, love her voice and cant wait for more of her vids, it would be great if i could make one with her lol anyways if your wondering if its worth getting, trust me it is, 5 star video (:

I'm using my larger butt plug in this video. It feels amazing! After settling into my butt plug I try to fuck my pussy with my dildo. I'm already soooo tight but the butt plug made it even tighter! I can barely stuff it in! (Preview is not true to actual video quality)