Giantess Sister Taboo Fun Shrunken Bro

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A sexy blonde giantess is holding onto a tiny shrunken man. She laughs and it is quickly revealed that this tiny little man is her little brother and she jokes saying that she is now a true big sister. She then confesses that she doesn't really like her brother so she has decided to have some taboo fun with him. She threatens him with being ended under her big toe but says that would not be as enjoyable as what she has planned. Instead, she wants to swallow him whole. She wants to feel her little brother slide down her throat and into her tummy and wants him to suffer as he kicks and struggles. So, she will not chew him to end it quick, but rather make him endure it. This is what really turns her on. She licks him as she teases and taunts him and says nobody will know what really happened to him. She has everyone fooled and they will all think she is still the loving big sister and that he is simply the little brother who ran away. All that will be left are his bones after she expels them the next day and those she will simply flush down the toilet. He begs and begs and she laughs at his efforts. She then drops him on her tongue, which is shown close up. A few more final sentiments and she swallows hard. She bids her brother farewell and laughs, knowing she is an evil and sadistic giantess for what she has just done. Included in this clip: Giantess, Taboo, Vore, Shrunken Fetish, Sister Eats Brother, Sister Shrinks Brother, Swallow Fetish, Tongue Fetish, Taunting, Teasing, Giant Sister, Giantess Sister