Seduced by Mother



American / East Coast
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Mommy Ali is quite frustrated due to your father's inconsiderate behavior on Mother's Day. Sure she loves the card and breakfast in bed you did for her as her son, but she has needs only your father can fulfill. However, you are quite insistent on making Mother happy. It starts off innocently enough, an unbuttoning of the top button, a stroke of the leg, some flirtatious chatter. You seem hesitant, but Mother convinces you that none of this is wrong as you strip out of your clothes. Eventually she tells you how to play with your cock as she takes out her tits. Now come on, Mommy has breasts fed you. She shoves her tits in your face and tells you to suck. Mother gets so hot and bothered, she takes off her skirt to rub her clit and finger her pussy. Mommy talks about how she would love to take you away for some real fun as she encourages you to stroke until she cums and then you can cum all over her hot body. Happy Mother's Day!