Fruit and Veggie Fun in HD!

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482 5.0
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mecho11 - Top reviewer Apr 23 2017
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Her lusty expressions prove that vegetables are good for you. Notice that her fingers are also put to good use to add some dressing to her salad. Nice job!

In this video, I start by teasing slow in my shorts, bra and panties, I pose in different positions, and then strip down to just my stockings. Then I experiment with a request to try out a veggie and fruit in my pussy! The banana has a thin clear condom, due to the peel, and I also use a zucchini which does not have a condom, and in turn gets a bit slippery after I use it a bit. I go back to the banana for a while and watch some porn which turns me on a lot, until the fruit splits the peel open! That's how tight my pussy was squeezing it!